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Remember This

– The closing scene of “The Dinner Party” (Master of None, s02e05) Aziz Ansari’s Netflix show about life and everything was moving in a way I’m having a hard time articulating. Also, it reminded me a lot of this one, in all the best ways.  And also, this song.

– “My Family’s Slave” by Alex Tizon in The Atlantic is heartbreaking; it’s a bit of a long read but absolutely worthy of every moment it takes.

Moments of Happiness is the best website I’ve come across in ages. Made by an advertising company (EPIC) just because they can, visitors interact with several cute little animals in a variety of interesting ways just be moving the mouse. My two and a half year old loves it.

– Speaking of happiness, Two Dots is still the best killing time casual game out there.  Hands down.

– Also, Saga Vol. 7 is heartbreaking but so damned good.  Easily the best comic since Sandman and I don’t say that lightly.

Dronestagram is amazing. How they haven’t been acquired by either a media giant or a drone manufacturer’s PR branch is mystifying. They’re bound to have a book soon if they don’t already.

Raw Progress is another great site. A work in progress, RP lets photographers take their raw photos and post them for others to edit. It’s inspiring to see what people can do with the naked photo these days.

– Finally, I want to go to here.

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