The Seven Song Playlist

Down the Rabbit Hole


1.  Hanging on the Telephone

I caught Blondie on a recent episode of Jools Holland.  They’re still amazing and watching their performance sent me on a deep dive through their back catalog.  I ended up at one of my all time favorite albums, Parallel Lines (1978).  Disco infused power pop at its best.

2.  Seasons (Waiting on You)

The same episode of Jools Holland featured the return of Future Islands.  They also put on a hell of a show which reminded me of the first time I saw them on JH, which reminded me of their performance on Letterman which was what made me buy the record.

3.  All the Small Things

While I waded through YouTube, I stumbled across this gem:  Catchy late 90s pop-punk?  Check.  Seven-foot tall sad clown?  Check.  Artfully arranged production that turns the whole thing into a sincere love song?  Check.

4.  Lost in the Light

I am completely unfamiliar with Bahamas.  Is it just the one dude?  Is there a band?  Is all his / their music this good?  I hope so because this song has been stuck in my head for a week now.

5.  Saints and Cigarettes

Breaking from the previous YouTube set, I read through a Reddit thread about sad songs because I’m me and I’m predictable.  I found this absolute killer of a power ballad from another group (The Wonder Years) I’d never heard of.

6.  Love

I hate to admit how much I like Lana Del Rey.  Every time it comes up, some part of me that never made it out of high school wants to protest that I don’t like her, I just like the song.  Whatever teenage me, nobody cares.  This song is awesome.

7.  Fox on the Run

I kind of hate this song (by Sweet).  But it showed up in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at just the right moment and now I want to hear it again.

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