Steem Cleaning

Last Fall, I discovered and joined Steemit, a social-networking / blogging system sort of like if you mashed up Reddit and Tumblr with a key difference being that Steemit rewards content and participation with Steem, a blockchain based crypto-currency.

Got all that? Don’t worry, I’m still wrapping my head around it, too.

Steemit feels like the way forward for the internet in that it is trying to actively reward users for using the service instead of things like Facebook where the user is the product and Twitter which is…nobody really knows anymore. This isn’t a new idea, by any means. Currently, Medium rewards the authors of its most applauded content with good old American dolllars; Medium has started a mini-boom in clones trying to replicate their success with their own takes* although none have yet reached an equal level.

(*Some of the services in this list pre-date Medium, but it’s still a fantastic list of tools should you be thinking about starting a blog of your own.)

The downside of Steemit right now is that it’s still so young and so new, that things change on a regular basis. Add to that that it is a global platform, finding favor in a number of countries where English is not the primary language, and you have a lot of content that is less-than-polished. But give it time. The early days of MySpace and Blogger weren’t all that great, either.

So, I’ve been participating when I can. I like the #SteemitEducation hashtag (oh, yeah, Steemit uses hashtags, just like everything else these days) and have made some efforts to post there on more than one occasion. I plan to post there more often, but, well, just look at this blog to see how often I get around to updating and you’ll have a good idea of how often I post on Steemit.

But, I’m working on it. It’s part and parcel of my wanting to try all the new things the Internet brings forth (like my newsletter, Learned, which is on Substack! Subscribe now!) and why someday I’m going to put together a list of all the different services and blogging platforms I’ve tried. If I can remember them all. If there’s anything left of them to link to.

Here’s my essay from last week’s Steemit Education assignment, and here’s a photo I submitted to a contest. If you’re up for something new on the interent, make an account and let me know about it. We can form an alliance and take over the world or something.

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